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Conference of Parties (COP)

Extreme Storm

Agenda and Delegation

Agenda: Accelerating Transition to Renewable Energy by

Implementing Strategies for Global Decarbonization


As the impacts of climate change become increasingly dire, the transition to renewable energy sources emerges as a critical element in global decarbonization efforts. This topic calls for delegates of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to deliberate on actionable strategies to accelerate the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources worldwide. Discussions should encompass the formulation of binding international commitments, the mobilization of finance for clean energy projects, and the development of policies that incentivize renewable energy adoption while phasing out fossil fuel subsidies. Delegates are encouraged to address challenges related to technology transfer, capacity building, and equity between developed and developing nations in the energy transition process. This debate aims to foster a collaborative, inclusive, and ambitious approach to achieving the energy transformation required to meet global climate targets and ensure sustainable development for all nations.

The COP Country List

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Space Telescope

The Executive Board

Sunho Choi

Head President, COP.

TBD currently serves as the Head President of the COP.

Doyun Nah

Deputy President

Yudan Sun_edited_edited.jpg

Yudan Sun

Associate President

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YoonJong Oh


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