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World Health Organization

컨퍼런스의 연사

Agenda and Delegation

1. Formulating a Comprehensive Global Strategy to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance


2. Devising strategies for equitable global vaccine distribution and mandatory vaccination policies to tackle health inequities.​


Ensuring medical facility supply in the Israel-Hamas conflict zones is a pressing issue for the Human Rights Council, highlighting the need for international cooperation in war-torn areas. This discussion focuses on providing uninterrupted healthcare services, safeguarding medical personnel, and maintaining a steady flow of medical supplies amidst conflict. It's about creating safe zones for healthcare operations and upholding humanitarian principles. The global community's role is crucial in coordinating these efforts, ensuring that affected civilians have access to essential medical care.


Developing strategies for fair global vaccine distribution, coupled with mandatory vaccination policies, is crucial in addressing health inequities. This involves creating systems that ensure vaccines, especially for life-threatening diseases, are accessible to all regions, including underprivileged and remote areas. Additionally, implementing mandatory vaccination policies can be pivotal in achieving widespread immunization and herd immunity, but these must be balanced with public education and ethical considerations to address concerns and maintain public trust. The goal is to create a health framework where everyone, regardless of location or socio-economic status, has equal access to vital vaccines.

The World Health Organization Country List

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The Executive Board

Tyler Castano

Committee Director, World Health Organization.

Tyler Castano currently serves as the Committee Director of the World Health Organization.

Sunghyun Kim

Head President

YeJu Chung

Deputy President

Yunseong Kim

Associate President

Jiwoo Kim

Associate President

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