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Crisis (IAEA)

컨퍼런스의 연사

Agenda and Delegation

1. Devising measures to tackle the nuclear crisis in Chernobyl


Addressing the Chernobyl nuclear crisis involves several key strategies: constructing containment structures to limit radiation, safely managing radioactive waste, and decommissioning the reactor. These efforts are complemented by environmental monitoring and rehabilitation, as well as health support for affected communities. The incident also serves as a crucial lesson, prompting global advancements in nuclear safety and emergency preparedness.

The Human Rights Council Country List

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The Executive Board

Jungwoo Park

Committee Director, Crisis (IAEA)

Jungwoo Park currently serves as the Committee Director of the Crisis (IAEA) Committee.

Haerim Kim

Head President

Shinho Lee

Assistant Crisis Director

Taewoo Park

Deputy President



Bokyung Ko

Associate President

Noah King

Head Crisis Director

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