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United Nations Environmental Assembly

Extreme Storm

Agenda and Delegation

Agenda: Combatting Plastic Pollution Towards Implementing a

Global Treaty on Single-Use Plastics


The proliferation of single-use plastics has led to significant environmental challenges, from polluting oceans and harming marine life to contributing to the global waste crisis. This topic invites delegates of the United Nations Environmental Assembly to discuss the formulation and implementation of a global treaty aimed at reducing and eventually eliminating the use of single-use plastics. Discussions should focus on the development of international standards and targets, innovative alternatives to plastic products, mechanisms for enhancing global cooperation and technology transfer, and strategies for waste management and recycling. Delegates are encouraged to consider the socioeconomic implications of such a treaty, including impacts on industries and employment, as well as ways to support communities in transitioning to sustainable alternatives. This debate seeks to align global efforts, share best practices, and establish a cohesive action plan to address one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

The UNEA Country List

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The Executive Board

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Minseung Kim

Head President, UNEA.

Minseung Kim currently serves as the Head President of the UNEA.

Joonsuh Park

Deputy President

Riwon Hong

Associate President

Yunseong Kim


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