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All the amazing opportunities, for free.

DLMUN Foundation is a non-profit entity mainly led by youths dedicated to providing educational experiences in regard to conferences in Model UN, politics, and international relations. We have managed over 6000 Participants, and 12 programmes since the founding in 2022.

Executive Director

YoonJong Oh

The Administrative Executive Director and Founder is YoonJong Oh. Being a passionate entrepreneur and MUNer residing in Toronto, he has a dedicated mindset to providing educational experiences and opportunities for people worldwide, while supporting them to find and create their visions through programs in DLMUN.

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DLMUN Foundation at a Glance.

Passion & Equity & Integrity

Founded in 2022.

Since 2022, we have created 12 different opportunities for passionate youths worldwide.

6000+ Annual Participants

Since the founding, we have collected more than 6000 annual participants in all of our programs.

20+ Yearly Projects

We are hosting more than 20 yearly projects, including 12 different programmes.

120+ Nationalities

Starting from Model UN Conferences, we are planning to create more programmes in different fields.


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