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Global Youth

Climate Summit

In GYCS, YOU are the main character.

Solar Power

The Full Story


Global Youth Climate Summit also known as GYCS is a subsidiary of the DLMUN Foundation. GYCS, established by two passionate students, has quickly gained prominence as an innovative platform for young leaders to engage in discussions about global climate challenges. These young entrepreneurs have focused on creating an environment where young people from diverse backgrounds can collaborate, share ideas, and propose solutions to pressing climate issues.

All Conference Resources are Submitted to the 
United Nations Environmental Assembly


Online (Zoom)

Conference Date

March 17th, 2024


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국가 깃발

Our Committees.

To access the country list, chair reports, and the agendas, please click the image of the committee.

Gas Mask

Beginner Committee

Solar Panels

Intermediate Committee

Car Frame

Beginner Committee


Advanced Committee

Conference Schedule

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The Secretariats

Andy Kim

Secretaries-General, GYCS

Andy Kim currently serves as the Secretaries-General of the Global Youth Climate Summit.

Noah King

Deputy Secretaries-General

Yunseong Kim

Representative, GYCS

Riwon Hong

Representative, YSIA

Ian Choi

Representative, IKONA

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