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The Staff of the Month Program

The Staff of the Month Program (SOTM), envisioned and launched by YoonJong, who presently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at the DLMUN Foundation, aims to honor and acknowledge the exceptional contributions of our staff. Through this prestigious monthly awarding system, over 100 dedicated staff members vie for recognition, underscoring their commitment and excellence within our organization. This initiative not only celebrates outstanding performance but also fosters a culture of excellence and motivation among our team.

The Staff of the Month Program has been a fantastic way to highlight our dedication and achievements, truly motivating and bringing our team closer.

Riwon Hong, KR.


Awardee, January 2024.

레드카펫 이벤트

Staff of March 2024:

The Staff of the Month of January 2024 Award goes to.. Mr. Joonsuh Park!

Currently serving as a member of the Executive Committee as VP of Public Relations, Mr. Yunseong Kim has demonstrated his passion and exceptional abilities, actively contributing to the values and the goals of DLMUN.

Sean Kim._edited.png
레드카펫 입구

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mention

Mr. Alvin Choi,

Director of Talent Acquisition Department @DLMUN

Honourable Mention

Subin Cho,

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors @DLMUN

Honourable Mention

Yudan Sun,

Secretary-General of the Global Youth Model Health Forum.

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