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Technology Executive Committee

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Agenda and Delegation

Agenda: Devising Measures to Enhance Global Cybersecurity

Frameworks to Combat Emerging Digital Threats


As digital technology evolves, so do the threats to global cybersecurity, posing significant risks to economic stability, privacy, and international security. This topic calls for the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) to spearhead efforts in enhancing global cybersecurity frameworks to address and mitigate the impacts of emerging digital threats. Delegates are encouraged to deliberate on the formulation of comprehensive, collaborative strategies that involve the development of universal cybersecurity standards, the promotion of robust cyber hygiene practices, and the strengthening of international cooperation in cyber threat intelligence sharing and response mechanisms. Additionally, the role of the TEC in facilitating capacity building in developing countries, fostering public-private partnerships, and encouraging the development of innovative cybersecurity technologies should be explored. This discussion aims to drive forward a coordinated, inclusive, and technology-forward approach to bolster global cybersecurity and ensure a secure, resilient digital future for all nations.

The TEC Country List

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The Executive Board


Committee Director, TEC.

TBD currently serves as the Committee Director of the Technology Executive Committee.


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