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International Monetary Fund

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Agenda and Delegation

Agenda: Reforming the International Monetary Fund

to Enhance Global Financial Stability.


The recent global economic challenges have underscored the critical role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in maintaining financial stability, providing emergency funds, and offering policy advice to member countries. However, criticisms regarding its governance structure, transparency, and the conditionality of its lending practices have led to calls for comprehensive reform. This topic invites discussion on potential reforms to the IMF's policies, governance, and lending frameworks to make it more responsive to the needs of a diverse global economy. Delegates are encouraged to consider proposals that enhance the IMF's capacity to respond to financial crises, improve inclusivity and equity among member countries, and ensure sustainable economic development. This debate aims to foster a more effective, accountable, and inclusive institution capable of addressing the complexities of the modern financial world.

The IMF Country List

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The Executive Board


Committee Director, International Monetary Fund.

TBD currently serves as the Committee Director of the International Monetary Fund.


Head President


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