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Economic and Social Council

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Agenda and Delegation

Agenda: Addressing the Digital Divide by Defining Strategies for

Inclusive Economic Growth within ECOSOC Framework.


The expanding digital divide poses a significant challenge to global economic stability and development, disproportionately affecting underdeveloped and developing nations. Within the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), this topic seeks to address the disparities in digital access and literacy, which are critical for achieving sustainable development goals. Delegates are encouraged to explore multifaceted strategies that encompass investments in digital infrastructure, promotion of digital literacy and skills training, and fostering partnerships between governments, the private sector, and international organizations. The discussion should also cover the role of digital technologies in enhancing public services, driving economic growth, and improving social welfare. By formulating comprehensive policies and frameworks, ECOSOC can play a pivotal role in bridging the digital divide, thus promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth worldwide.

The ECOSOC Country List

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The Executive Board


Committee Director, Economic and Social Council.

TBD currently serves as the Committee Director of the Economic and Social Council.


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